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Jennifer Telfer

Jennifer Telfer, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pillow Pets, is doing what most kids dream about doing when they grow up! She’s a successful mompreneur who has done it all. Jennifer invented a fun and functional, highly-popular product that continues to grow, raised two… Read More »Jennifer Telfer

Tarkan Bastiyali

Tarkan Bastiyali was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, on November 14, 1977, to a German-Turkish family. He is an entrepreneur and recently an inventor. After graduating from the New York University Department of History with honors in 2000, Tarkan successfully converted his family’s building on Fifth Avenue… Read More »Tarkan Bastiyali

Mike & Skylar Walker

About our Inventor Guests: Hot Wireless™ is a veteran-owned, innovative wireless engineering firm, based on the Gulf Coast of Florida. All our products are patented and made in the USA. All have been developed and designed to make peoples’ everyday lives easier and more functional.… Read More »Mike & Skylar Walker

Dale Miller

Dale D. Miller, JD – Chin-Up Strips® Simply Helping the World Sleep since 1999. Over 10 million shipped to sleep centers, resellers, snorers & CPAP users. “I did not sleep well for many years. I woke up congested and tired in the decade of my… Read More »Dale Miller

Artie Dannunzio

Dannunzio Jewelry is a renowned brand with a history spanning almost 70 years, originating in 1955 in New York City’s diamond district. Founded by the Dannunzio family, third-generation Artie Dannunzio played a pivotal role in transforming the brand into a global jewelry business known for… Read More »Artie Dannunzio

Kim Meckkwood

In this episode, Shark Tank winner and inventor, Kim Meckwood takes us through the inception of Click & Carry, a simple yet revolutionary handle device designed to make managing and carrying multiple bags a breeze. From groceries to ski boots, dry cleaning, and more, Click… Read More »Kim Meckkwood

Gene Keogh

Gene Keough, an Engineer and the inventor of the “Drill Paddle,” shares his business journey. From providing advice on various aspects of the business to selling his product nationwide, even making international appearances, his story is one of determination and success. The Drill Paddle gained… Read More »Gene Keogh

Joe Farco

Joe Farco, an intellectual property attorney and the inventor of the building block system called “Connecto”. The Connecto™ System originated in the 1980s when the inventor, as a young boy, sought a better way to play with action figures, building blocks, and bendable toys. The… Read More »Joe Farco

Zuly Matallana

Zuly Matallana’s journey from Colombian community director to Canadian entrepreneur is marked by qualities of strength, drive, and passion. After moving to Canada in 2004 due to safety concerns, she leveraged her immigrant experience to write an e-book for newcomers. Establishing a successful career in… Read More »Zuly Matallana

An Innovative Digital “IntelliPan” by Inventor Jerry Rodriguez

Dive into the captivating journey of entrepreneur Jerry Rodriguez in this podcast episode, as he takes you through the fascinating evolution of his smart cookware product, Intellipan. Unveil the intricate process of transforming an idea into a tangible product, while gaining insights into the challenges… Read More »An Innovative Digital “IntelliPan” by Inventor Jerry Rodriguez