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Inventor Guest, Alan Amron

Alan Amron is a prolific inventor and creator of new, novel, and unique ideas. From products to negotiations, he has a unique gift. His father Herman Amron used to tell his friends, “Μy son Alan could put his finger in a glass of water, and it would turn into Seltzer.” And his father’s predictions came true. Today, Alan has 40 United States patents issued. Some of his inventions include the battery-operated water guns for Larami, Blue Box, LJN, Tyco, Buddy L, Coleco, and Remco toys, Air pressurized water guns for Trendmaster, Bubbles and water sprinkler for Fisher-Price. Of course, let’s not forget the Photo wallet for Nikon Camera, the First Down Laser Line for football, and the Press-on Memo sticky notes today known to the whole world as Post-it notes by 3M.