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How to Build Buzz around Your Invention

You’ve thought of a great idea, designed a prototype, and maybe even began the process of patenting the idea, but chances are you have run into the problem that every inventor does at some point in their journey of bringing their product to market. How do you make turn your idea into the next big thing?

Even if your invention is innovative, getting it noticed and into the hands of consumers is easier said than done, which is why every inventor should take the time to create buzz around their product through strategic PR and marketing.

In today’s digital world, 87% of shoppers begin their search for a product online and more than ever, consumers are driven to buy through channels like podcasts, television, and social media. So, what can you do to establish your brand’s story and product in a meaningful way?

How do I get started?

The best way to begin is by sharing your invention story. After all, great inventors have one thing in common—they saw a problem, and they decided to find a way to fix it. Sharing your personal journey from problem to solution is a great way to connect with everyone from other inventors to consumers to potential investors who may be interested in your product.

Decide what platforms and outlets you would like to connect with your potential consumers on whether this be social media, podcasts, television, or some other medium. You never know who may be listening. Many media outlets are very interested in covering companies who are disrupting industries in the beginning stages, especially during product launches, so it is never too early to begin making noise about your product.

Define Your Story and Voice

It can be helpful to write down and map out all of the steps that you have taken to get to where you are today. All of these stages are unique talking points that you can utilize in interviews, blogs, social media posts, and other outlets.

Gather as much content as possible early on to define your brand’s foundation.

Define Your Goals

The type of media you put out can look different depending on where you are at with your invention.

Are you:

  • Looking for a partner?
  • Looking for a licensing deal?
  • Trying to find investors?
  • Seeking manufacturing deals?
  • Trying to gain more brand awareness?

Each of these goals may require you to present your story in a different way through different outlets.

Get Feedback from Experts

If you’re feeling lost as you try to navigate a certain stage, consult a mentor or another inventor who can give you advice about marketing your invention.

Share Your Story on Multiple Channels

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Host Brian Fried is an experienced inventor who has interviewed guests such as Lori Grenier of Shark Tank, the inventor of the Cell Phone, the founder of Legal Zoom, the founder of Survey Monkey, and more! Now he would like to interview you! Sign up for your interview now here.