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Realizr: Idea tool to keep your big ideas organized and invented by Konstantin Dolgan!

24 views May 5, 2022 Realizr™ is a professional product idea development tool. Based on the 3D Ideation Process™ methodology. Realizr™ helps inventors and product developers, like you, come up with better ideas faster and more efficiently. This essential inventor’s tool provides a structure for streamlining your idea development process, and helps to take ideas further, increasing their market viability and value.

The inventor of Realizr™, Konstantin Dolgan, Ph.D., NPDP is a certified new product development professional (NPDP). He has three degrees in engineering, including a Ph.D., and years of R&D, sales, and management experience. He combines his technical knowledge, innovative thinking, and leadership skills to deliver ground-breaking solutions, products, and services.

Order Realizr™ Here: https://lanpdt.com/realizr-product-idea-development-tool/