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BRUSH REFRESHER A Game-changer in Dental Industry

Dr. Alevtina Malakova, a 3rd generation dentist, currently works as an associate with her father who is also a dentist, Dr. Albert Malakov, in Steinway Family Dental Center. Raised in New York since the age of 5, Dr. Alevtina Malakova, who goes by Dr. Tina for short and sweet, has been an active leader in her Sephardic and Russian community throughout her adolescent years.

Dr. Tina loves tidying up, so anything that needs cleaning, especially in the bathroom around the faucet rings on the counter or bathtub side rails, she loved using brush bristles as a cleaning method. But of course, she had a multitude of toothbrushes; separate for her teeth and separate for bathroom cleaning. So this was her own problem. And the BRUSH REFRESHER concept was born to solve both issues and MORE!

Getting two utility patents issued, both with claims for the Brush Refresher, and further went on to a company named Product, Placement, and Promotions to realize a prototype and DRTV spot video of the Brush Refresher.

Now, she is focusing on creating a buzz for this new modern, 21st-century change to the age-old toothbrush. The Brush Refresher is definitely a game-changer in the dental industry!!

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