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Mike & Skylar Walker

About our Inventor Guests: Hot Wireless™ is a veteran-owned, innovative wireless engineering firm, based on the Gulf Coast of Florida. All our products are patented and made in the USA. All have been developed and designed to make peoples’ everyday lives easier and more functional. Like so many of you, we experienced frustration with weak and inconsistent cell phone and WiFi signals. These problems affect communications at home, at work, while commuting, working or shopping, every day.

A few years ago, we began to focus our energies and intellectual resources toward developing ways to enhance and strengthen cell phone, WiFi and other wireless signals. This is especially important in areas where signal strength is weak and/or inconsistent. Our goal was to make lives easier by making cell phones & WiFi devices work better.

To that end, Hot Wireless™ engineers designed the Hot Cloud® Products & HottieXtreme® Products. These products meet specific and urgent commercial and consumer needs. Our Hot Cloud® and Hottie® products are patented & manufactured in the USA .

Our engineers’ extensive backgrounds include designing radio frequency-based, (wireless) communications and control systems. Typical applications include water and waste-water systems, gas and oil well networks, point to point communication links, as well as laser-based, high-bandwidth links. We created and operated one of the first commercial wireless internet service companies in Los Angeles. We implemented a laser communications link for many customers, including Paramount Studios.

The success of these and other such projects over the years were significant factors in the development of the technology that makes the Hot Cloud® Products and all HottieXtreme® Products unique and so extremely functional.