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Artie Dannunzio

Dannunzio Jewelry is a renowned brand with a history spanning almost 70 years, originating in 1955 in New York City’s diamond district. Founded by the Dannunzio family, third-generation Artie Dannunzio played a pivotal role in transforming the brand into a global jewelry business known for its exceptional quality and innovation.

The pinnacle of their innovation is the Mirror Collection, featuring an illusion diamond-set design with a technique that is so effective even experts cannot accurately visually determine the diamond carat weight. With more than 70 worldwide patents for construction and design, Artie Dannunzio is passionate about supporting and bringing the message forward that jewelry can be innovative.

As a disruptor in the industry, Artie continued to push innovation by patenting globally recognized icons and named the collection Yours Mine Ours. Artie’s patented symbols include an intertwining heart, a single heart, and infinity symbols combined with birthstones. Whether it is an engagement ring or a mother’s ring, any piece of jewelry can be personalized with the engraved symbols and birthstones of the customer’s choosing.

Artie is now embarking on the next chapter of his journey, launching an innovative e-commerce website and expanding into new international and US markets with the Dannunzio brand experience. In this new era, Artie will reach a wider audience and directly connect with consumers who resonate with the Dannunzio brand, a distinct blend of elegance and innovation.