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Zuly Matallana

Zuly Matallana’s journey from Colombian community director to Canadian entrepreneur is marked by qualities of strength, drive, and passion. After moving to Canada in 2004 due to safety concerns, she leveraged her immigrant experience to write an e-book for newcomers.

Establishing a successful career in software, banking and consulting, Zuly founded two companies. Her first venture, Mavicol, provided quality raw materials to Fortune 500 construction firms. Inspired by her own needs, she created the revolutionary TIARA Bliss Inc, addressing common haircare challenges sustainably.

Zuly’s entrepreneurial spirit shone on Dragons’ Den, securing a deal and expanding to platforms like Good Morning America and The View. Throughout the pandemic, she shared experiences, emphasizing innovation and sustainability.

Beyond business success, Zuly’s impact extends globally. Recognized for her innovation, she mentors and inspires female entrepreneurs, embodying her belief in intent-driven actions. Her company, TIARA Bliss Inc., evolved beyond shower caps to include natural deodorants, earning acclaim for efficacy and authenticity.

Accolades like the 20 top Female entrepreneurs and Top 10 Latinas for 2023, The Shoppy Diversity Female Award, and the nomination for WXN Canada’s Most Powerful Women. underscore Zuly’s transformative influence. In a nutshell, Zuly Matallana’s journey epitomizes an immigrant-turned-entrepreneur’s resilience, innovation, and commitment to positive change.