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Dale Miller

Dale D. Miller, JD – Chin-Up Strips®
Simply Helping the World Sleep since 1999.
Over 10 million shipped to sleep centers, resellers, snorers & CPAP users.

“I did not sleep well for many years. I woke up congested and tired in the decade of my 40’s. My wife and children told me I snored loudly every time I fell asleep. FDA cleared “Indications for Use” – 510(k) 1. Chin-Up Strips® support the chin during sleep, thereby promoting and enhancing nasal breathing, by reducing mouth breathing and oral venting.

2. Chin-Up Strips® promote and enhance nasal breathing to reduce or eliminate snoring.

I have used Chin-Up Strips® to limit my nocturnal mouth breathing since December 1995. Simply getting older was not the reason I had low energy & daytime sleepiness during my late 40’s. The primary cause was mouth breathing and sleep apnea which have been treated with Chin-Up Strips® and Cpap since December 1995. I am very grateful to the experts in sleep medicine who have helped me.

At time of this update, I continue to use my Cpap with AirFit P10 nasal pillows and Chin-Up Strips® which control my mouth breathing. They have allowed me to enjoy an active life into my 74th year now. Virginia and I married in Milwaukee 10/31/1964.

End dry mouth and oral venting with CPAP Reduce loud mouth snoring the first night Safely limit mouth breathing comfortable