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Inventor Guest, Eddie Cross

About Inventor, Eddie Cross

Hi I’m Eddie Cross The inventor of THE TIME SAVER®️ Ducted Floor Dryer / Air circulation system. A unique architecturally designed product that I patented in 2015. I work for NUMC for the past 25 years.

My position Is working in the Engineering Department. I work with different trades involving maintenance projects. The hands on experience gave me the opportunity to learn different things within facilities operations, and safety procedures. Taking a step back I slipped and fell on a wet floor in 2002. In 2015 the hospital acquired a building with major flooding problems. That’s when my experience working in facilities and engineering ignited my entrepreneurial mindset to invent. I saw a need for a safety product that is multipurpose, a floor dryer/air circulation system.

That’s when THE TIME SAVER®️ was born. The journey of becoming a inventor, is a whole different world. A world that led me to different places and meet other Entrepreneurs. The Nassau / Suffolk Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club, is where I learned about the patent process from my mentor, Brian Fried. Since then, I have trademarked The Time Saver®️ and been granted two patents , one utility and one design patent. I have attended three Shark Tank casting calls. Movies of inspiration joy with Jennifer Lawrence and pursuit of happiness with Will Smith is very moving and just shows how dedication and determination will payoff. One more thing if you don’t try you will never know the outcome. Life in half a second

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