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Inventor Guest, Sandy Bastien, BabaLID Invention with Host Brian Fried

Sandy Basitien is a wife and mom of five ages 16, 7, 4, 3, and 1. She is also a business owner and Inventor of the babaLID™️. The babaLID ™️ is a complete baby bottle designed to keep the nipple and babies healthy and safe. The lid can be conveniently attached to the bottom of the bottle while baby is being fed. The detachable tether keeps the lid always connected the the bottle. This is the “No More Missing Lid” baby bottle.

Presently, she is working on bringing her patent-pending baby bottle to the market.

You can support her by checking out her website and SIGN UP to be notified of launch details for Kickstarter in April 2021

Visit www.babalid.com

Video: https://youtu.be/dfX90vPjdck

Email: hello@babalid.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/babalidinc/