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An inventor ready to launch his “Cold Weather Heated Face Mask” and “Hot Air Therapeutic Mask”

About Robert Sabin: I am 75 yrs. old with a number of patents. I have a couple of yrs. of college with no degree. 3 publications. I previously for many years worked in the precious metal field, melting and refining gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Inventing to me is a cure for anxiety and insomnia. My patented cold weather mask is a lightweight silicone mask covering the mouth and nose, and looks a bit like a N95 mask. There is a huge unmet need for inhalation of warm air in cooler climates and winter. The harmful affects of breathing cold air is well known in the Art. 25 million asthmatics can use this mask along with 100 million Americans who walk, taken together with the military, Athletics, outdoor workers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and more. It is powered by a lithium ion battery attached to the mask or on an armband. With an internal heating pad. Lightweight. 3 heat settings for different cold conditions.

Working with company in China to manufacture. Patented. Prototype made. Second invention is a patented therapeutic heat mask powered by a heat gun, which is an upscale hair dryer, which is computer controlled for airflow and temperature. The proposed temperature mimics the Finnish sauna which has been used for 7000+yrs at temperatures of about 156F to 214F. To millions of people without toxicity.

There is abundant published reports that these non-toxic temperatures kill the bacilli causing pulmonary TB at 176F for 20 minutes invitro or the virus causing COVID-19 at 136F for 15minutes. Tumor cells are proven to be especially sensitive to heat, and it is written in stone that heat denatures protein, and the second law of thermodynamics Proven, discloses that heat traffics from hot to cold.

The upshot is that mycobacterium TB
Causing TB,MDR-TB, XDR-TB, and The virus causing COVID-19, and all variants, and cancer cells will be killed extremely fast, TB text discloses that you can assess if a new therapeutic for TB works, can be see in a couple of days, similar assessment for the virus causing COVID-19, and cancer cells of certain types of cancer in the respiratory system/ Lung.

A safe, non- toxic, non-invasive, 100%
Natural, severely cost effective, portable, treatment is proposed.
A one hour treatment period is proposed.
Administered 180F to 190F heated air for one hour through the invention to myself numerous times without any toxicity. Robert was recently awarded patent on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with a plant derived compound.
Robert Sabin Tailwings@aol.com E mail 516-669-1184 Cell Brian Fried Invention Licensing Representation: Brian Fried brian@inventorsmart.com www.brianfried.com