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Joe Farco

Joe Farco, an intellectual property attorney and the inventor of the building block system called “Connecto”.

The Connecto™ System originated in the 1980s when the inventor, as a young boy, sought a better way to play with action figures, building blocks, and bendable toys.

The journey began with Farco-Proto 1, a prototype that used patent-protected technology but was inefficient and wasted materials. It confirmed that there was a gap in the market for a solution. Farco-Proto 2 attempted to optimize movement but faced challenges with set screws.

Finally, on November 16, 2021, Farco-Proto 3, now known as the Farco Connecto™, was born. This prototype successfully combined elements of various toy types, using innovative engineering and injection molding. It is a U.S. and foreign patent-pending technology designed to bridge the gap between action figures, building blocks, and bendable toys. https://www.farcotoyco.com/