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Sink Restrainer Invention by Inventor Larry Holmes

Inventor Larry Holmes of SafeHolmes Faucet Restrainer:
“When I became a parent and my son was almost 3 I left him to put something in our kitchen for literally less than 2 minutes when I heard the sound of running water. As I ran to the back room, I found that my son had entered our bathroom and turned on our bathtub faucet and was falling into the tub when I grabbed his leg. From that point on I decided I was going to create a product that would prevent situations like this from happening in any household.

And since that time I’ve heard similar accounts (some turning out good and some not so good), which has been the catalysis that has sent me on this mission to educate care-givers about safe-guarding their homes and thus helping to prevent these occurrences”.

Helping keep kids safe…at home
Here at SafeHolmes, part of our mission is to inform and educate consumers (parents and care-givers) of the importance of safe-guarding their homes. In addition, our goal at SafeHolmes is to provide PROACTIVE products and solutions to protect your loved ones.

Larry Holmes is a Sr. Consumer Product Industrial Designer from metro Detroit, MI. A freelance design consultant, with over 20 years of design knowledge and experience, Larry considers himself a Hybrid Designer with a diverse background. With expertise in NPD (new product development), my experience ranges from consumer products, automotive seating & interior components, medical & pharmaceutical and toys. This journey has given my the fortune of experiencing a broad spectrum of industry and manufacturing.

Larry is married, to his wife Renee and has two sons, Xavier & Julian.
They currently reside in Fishers, IN.

The Faucet Handle restraint can be found: https://safeholmes.com

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/SafeHolmes-Des…

-Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/702697203

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