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Inventor Guest, Tonia Torrellas

Inventor Guest: Tonia Torrellas, ItsMyBag What is: It’s My Bag?

It’s My Bag is a multi-functional patented & proven reusable garment bag; great for travel/bridal gifting/closet organizing & beyond! www.itsmybag.com When Tonia Torrellas came up with the brilliant concept of creating and distributing reusable dry cleaning garment bags that would eliminate disposable options, she never thought her idea would morph into the multifaceted ‘It’s My Bag’ brand that today creates bags that work in a variety of uses from shopping, retail, travel and bridal clothing transport to charity and corporate gifting, closet organization and even for safety and security purposes.

A serial entrepreneur and passionate lover of the environment, Tonia was compelled to start her company when she saw just how complacent businesses and people around her were to the dangers of single use disposable bags. Her years working as a nurse gave her unique insights into the importance of consistent and patient education in helping individuals and institutions embrace change. Tonia’s key learning from her career in health was that to truly guide someone to a healthy lifestyle she needed to incorporate what was familiar to them while guiding them towards a new vision.

Tonia was able to solve the issue of why consumers and businesses were slow to take up reusable bags by creating a clear, see-through design that allows everyone to see the products inside. She was hands-on in the creative process, discovering simple, easy-to-use solutions for her bag design through painstaking trial and testing. She oversaw a series of breakthroughs that make her bags truly unique ~ from the clever placement of the zipper direction and a twist tie for the hanger necks to the ergonomic handle placement and the genius separation of dirties and cleans in the same bag at the same time, the latter a learning from her experience as a nurse passionate about clean and dirty clothing never mixing.

Today, Tonia delights in all the great reviews her happy customers have shared about how versatile her bag design is – from formal wear and wedding dress transport to overnight weekend bags and even as bespoke monogrammed gifts. Tonia is a driven, hardworking and heartfelt environmental advocate who is constantly involved in education and awareness initiatives such as Earth Month. She also regularly appears in the press and online podcasts speaking about her passion, products and mission to help green the medical community and general society.

Tonia strongly believes that with more consumers, families, businesses and the industries becoming environmentally conscious and aware of the impact their choices make on the planet, the time is now to make It’s My Bag the household reusable bag brand!

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