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Inventor Guest, Sabina Miller

Got Invention Show Inventor Guest, Sabina Miller

Q: Why did Sabina Invent Foil Decor?

Sabina: “I came up with the idea and concept of Foil Decor while planning my wedding. I wanted something more Decorative than plain foil pans and more convenient than glass casserole dishes. I couldn’t find it, SO I INVENTED IT. I realized that this was a special time for both of us. So I wanted something elegant. Plain dishes and cold looking metal warmers did not fit the mood and experience I wanted.

As time went by I believed that others also needed something for their special occasions. I had the vision of what I wanted. With the assistance of a patent attorney, I established multiple utility patents for the idea. The name Foil Decor fit the function I wanted it to be but also the elegance it needed to represent. A trademark registration has been filed for Foil Decor.

While designing Foil Decor, I did not want a plain looking serving system. I want people to look at the system and think this has the look of an elegant table setting, but not expensive to purchase. More importantly I want the users and their guests to believe this is an elegant presentation of delicious food. Smooth surfaces with a flat top would not be an elegant looking dish. Part of the inspiration was to have a domed lid and scalloped edges. Foil Decor is today what I envisioned”. About Foil Decor: The problem with foil pans is they are flimsy, not attractive and hard to transport.

Foil Decor is a elegant serving system that eliminates the use of glass casserole dishes at an affordable price. Foil Decor has three components that work as a system. Foil Decor eliminates the need for support alternatives such as cookie sheets or trays and the use of glass casserole dishes. It’s a tasteful and more convenient way to utilize disposable foil pans. It is economical because it is reusable. www.foildecor.com