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Got Invention Show Inventor Guest: Joe Weston, The Gutter Grabber Invention

Joe Weston has been cleaning windows for 25 years (www.windowcleaningbyjoe.com) and now has over 500 customers even though his didn’t really begin full time until 2010. His career background is actually hotel management, but he decided back in 2009 to ditch that annoying occupation and go into business for himself. He is happier now for sure. Along the way, he realized he needed to invent a ladder-on-gutter safety device because all the ones on the market were insufficient. So, he did just that and has a patent on it.

Check it out at www.theguttergrabber.com. Even though the $40 a unit items are not yet on the market, he’s much safer now climbing roofs when he mounts them above the gutter line. If interested, go to his gutter grabber website and send him an e-mail with your thoughts.

Joe lives in Sparta, NJ (the beautiful part of the state) with his wife and has 2 grown boys that never worked for him—thank goodness. LOL.”