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Inventor Guest, Alexis Mantione

Lexis Mantione, Inventor/CEO Why MY TWO LADIES™ Knitting” luxury fiber art tools brand? It originally began as the creation of the “good for your hands” adjustable needles.

“How is it no one ever thought of this?” While at the studio, an idea popped into my head. I grabbed some knitting tools and supplies, made some modifications, and started knitting quickly and effortlessly. I could now knit for hours without stress and pain. Most knitters are able to get back to their love of knitting and/or create for longer periods of time.

Fortunately, I had that light bulb go off. I thought of it, I patented it, I manufactured it ….. and almost a year later….. “My Two Ladies™Knitting” Adjustable Knitting System became available for all to enjoy, not only nationally, but internationally as well. They are beautiful, functional and oh so gentle on the user.

After success with the needle, I began to realize the need for, hooks, yarn winders and other accessories that were focused on the hand health necessity. It was imperative that our tools are of the highest quality, made with sustainably sourced woods, look as luxurious as they feel; and help us continue to create as comfortably and safely as possible.

You will knit quicker, faster, longer and with less stress on your hands, wrists, arms and upper body. Designed to assist those yarn lovers afflicted with ailments that make it difficult or even impossible to continue creating. As always, prevention is the best medicine, but with proper attention to our hands, arms, etc. the goal is to improve and limit the pain and damage. We want to keep our hands happy; and ultimately, our mind and body healthy. It’s more than just tools. It’s more than a name.

It’s more than just yarn and stitches. It’s the journey to self preservation and being able to continue your passion. I created my tools as a tribute to the knitting/crocheting community. Knitting gave me the opportunity to be part of an indescribable bond between creative fiber folks of varying age, ethnic and social backgrounds, whom I would probably have never met otherwise. As fiber artists our love of creating, brings us together and fosters a feeling of belonging. There is so much opportunity to belong, engage and get involved, whether in person, or virtually. Joining foundations or belonging to clubs that donate your precious creations to those in need is very fulfilling. There are so many ways to get involved and even make friends along the way. I consider fiber folk, most of whom I have never even met in person, to be some of the best people I have the honor to call my friends.

I hope our heirloom quality tools and philosophy of kindness, will bring joy to you as it has to myself and so many others. Take a look at our tutorial and see the magic.

Happy knitting!

– Alexis