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Got Invention Show Inventor Guest, Michelle Mazzara of Loveafoodie Brand

Luvafoodie Company CEO and Founder Michelle Mazzara, on Got Invention Show with Host Brian Fried

Luvafoodie is a brand that connects people who share a passion for food and beverage. In 2014, Michelle Mazzara, CEO of Luvafoodie, decided to follow her dream and started www.Luvafoodie.com. She had worked for large consumer brands companies in sales for the previous twenty-five years. The original idea Michelle had when she launched and created Luvafoodie was to have the website be a platform where single foodies could meet and date. Being single, Michelle thought this was a unique and original concept so in August 2014, she launched www.Luvafoodie.com as a dating website for singles. Six months later Michelle decided the brand could also include consumable brands in addition to being a website for single foodies. She began by adding candy and started selling caramel with the Luvafoodie brand at select grocery stores. Consumers reacted positively to the candy and to the brand. Being an entrepreneur, she then decided to expand into other categories beyond confections.

In 2016 she introduced a line of gourmet spices under the Luvafoodie brand. Following the success, she experienced with spices, she added Belgian chocolates and drink mixes to the portfolio. At the end of June, Michelle launched a new line of spice blends created for dogs and cats. The new spice blends for dogs and cats was inspired by Michelle’s aging dog Lucy. The specific herbs used in the Dog and Cat Lovers spice blends are to help boost a cat or dog’s nutrition as a supplement to their dog and cat food. Luvafoodie products can be found grocery stores in the Midwest and on Luvafoodie.com and Amazon.com. In June 2020, Luvafoodie expanded into the instant iced tea category. There are four flavors of all-natural cold brew iced tea. There are two black teas: Lemon Lovers and Passion Fruit Lovers and two green herbal teas.

The herbal tea flavors are Raspberry Lovers and Blood Orange Lovers.

Luvafoodie spices and iced tea line can be found at