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Inventor Guest, Carman Cook Campbell, Better Family Inc

Mompreneur and Grandmother Carman Cook-Campbell is the founder and CEO of Swabbies Tech, Inc dba Better Family, Inc. and has 28 years of sales experience with Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T & Sprint.

Carman has also owned and operated several successful marketing firms with a family history of manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

In 2010 Carman started developing Swabbies out of necessity in between her busy schedule. Being a single mother of three children and now a grandmother, she experienced years of diaper changes and wrangling squirming babies. She was desperate for a free and clean hand at the end of diaper changes.

This is what inspired her to create an herbal, pure, and organic diaper cream combined with a no mess, one-handed disposable diaper cream applicator. The patented design of the applicator is such that it can be applied with one hand. Not only will Swabbies allow for one hand to remain free, but its design also reduces and almost eliminates any messy applications. Because the sponge applicator is a part of the original design, the person administering the treatment will not need to put any of the cream on their hands, unlike all other diaper creams on the market. This aspect of the product is most appealing when in a rush, traveling, concerned about sanitary purposes or on the go. Swabbies is now found at major retailers like Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart.

In April 2020 amongst the pandemic, Carman acquired two more unique patented baby products, the successful Beebo and its company Better Family, Inc. which made a deal on the popular television show ABC’s “Shark Tank”. Then in the fall of 2020 Swabbies Tech, Inc. dba Better Family acquired Drop It Baby. As Better Family went into the new year of 2021 Carman was approached by yet another famous patented baby product Ava The Elephant. Ava was another successful product that appeared and made a deal on the inaugural episode of “Shark Tank”. Carman and her rapidly growing team at Better Family are on track to building the next “Giant Baby Care Business”.

The Better Family patented line of products are currently available at Walmart, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Burlington, and www.betterfamilyinc.com.