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Inventor Guest, Shawn Taylor

Inventor Guest, Shawn Taylor is a serial inventor/entrepreneur and the founder of The Open Door Kitchen, the parent company of SO FLYware. Taylor is a retired agent of Regency Unlimited Insurance and Regency 1 Titles, a public tag agency in Louisiana.

Featuring a line of products whose distinctive features are tailored to transform indoor and outdoor eating experiences of consumers, Taylor’s SO FLYware is the surefire enabler for effective, practical and sanitary means for keeping food, serving utensils and BBQ grill accessories properly covered and protected.

The company’s products boast of a unique design, alongside features that make proper recovering effortless. The Open Door Kitchen has launched its first product under the brand name SureCover Utensil Rest.

Motivated by the desire to become a global expert in her field, Taylor is set to launch her brand’s second product by early 2021 among other lines of product which are already in development.


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